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The Martrick Group located in Bremen, Germany, holds several Business Divisions and brands in a wide range of industries and service areas. Originally started as an engineering company for Health and Safety services in the oil and gas industry, the company explored further business opportunities and is now able to offer a wide range of services to its clients while using synergies between the several Business Divisions.

Legally, Martrick is a limited company under German legislation listed as Martrick GmbH. The Business Divisions of the Group include:

Martrick Engineering
Martrick Recruitment
Martrick Innovation
Matrick Media

Further Business Divisions are constantly developed.

Our Group

Originally started as an engineering company for Health and Safety services in the oil and gas industry, this Business Division became a fully-fledged engineering business offering German Engineering Solutions of all kinds together with its partners.

Martrick Engineering holds a sub-division called German Engineering Solutions by Martrick, its brand for engineering services abroad.

The list of services Martrick Engineering includes:

  • Environmental clean-up using bioremediation
  • Planning and design
  • Engineering services in all disciplines
  • Health, Safety and Quality
  • Technical Consultancy
  • EPC Contract Management / Coordination

Martrick Recruitment offers specialists and support staff for a wide range of industries and business areas.

In doing this, Martrick Recruitment offers flexible and extremely cost effective hiring solutions which are outstanding in this sector.

Martrick offers long and short-term solutions and full human resourcing services. Using Martrick’s flexible systems enables clients to use specialists and support staff to manage peaks of business activities.

Martrick Innovation is a think tank of creative people thinking and being different and seeing the world through different eyes. Martrick Innovation also uses the expertise from the other Business Divisions of the Martrick Group and thus can react effectively and quick to customer’s requirements.

Martrick Innovation develops concepts for projects and businesses. If a client just has an idea but does not know how to realize it, we make proposals and give support to make this idea real. These concepts include several aspects as feasibility studies, economical risk assessments, financial calculations, marketing and business continuity..

The same we offer for the optimization of existing projects and businesses and in case a company wants to grow or change its strategy.

Martrick Media is the newest Business Divisions of the Martrick Group and offers audio-visual services and different media concepts as well as internal and external communication strategies for companies, governments and further organizations. Also, online and audio-visual training courses are part of the portfolio..

As Martrick Media is able to use engineers and further specialist from its other Business Divisions, Martrick offers technical advice to TV and print productions.

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